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Responding to the need for innovation of information in the OR, NewCompliance drives value in healthcare through modern, interoperable IT platforms that reshape information. With our ACTIQ paltform we support the caregiver with predictive dashboarding and analytics solutions for e.g. Surgery, Emergency and Intensive Care departments. We empower them to optimize safety, efficiency and satisfaction in hospitals throughout the whole surgical patient journey.
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Founded in 1997 on the promise of securing online payments, Alphacomm is currently one of the first global pioneers in online payment processing, fraud prevention, pre-paid as well as reminder/dunning technology. We believe in the success of our tools and processes because we have the track record to prove it. As one of the first FinTech companies in Europe, we now develop cutting edge API based solutions for companies all around the world. Turning complex online payment challenges into easy to use solutions and preventing fraud is our passion.
Ampyx Power develops a novel wind energy technology, that will be capable of realizing a paradigm shift in the electricity generation sector by allowing the production of renewable power at lower cost levels than fossil-fueled alternatives.
aQysta has developed the hydro-powered irrigation pumps, branded as Barsha Pump and HyPump, that operates without any fuel or electricity using the energy of the flowing water. With aQysta's water-powered pumps, smallholder farmers can save up to 70% on their irrigation cost, that too, with zero negative impact on the planet.
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AssistYou was founded in 2018 by Bram van Zanten and Pepijn de Rijk, who both started their careers at the Google EMEA Headquarters in Dublin. The management team was reinforced in January 2020 by Victor Welling, after 14 years at Coolblue. The team furthermore consists of Georgine, Jakob, Lucas, Maarten, Tessa, and last but not certainly not least: Lisa, our digital assistant. Calling customer service can be frustrating, right? We too have had our fair share of bad customer service experiences. That’s why we are on a mission to take the friction out of calling customer service. We’re not aiming to replace your human agents, but rather to give them super powers! While Lisa welcomes the customer and handles the simple, repetitive tasks, your employees can focus on what they do best: provide impeccable service.
Barge Master is dedicated to improving offshore workability. We provide motion compensation systems that help our clients to avoid weather downtime and remain in charge of their operations and schedules. The Barge Master Platform can be installed on any vessel to serve as a working base for any kind of equipment, enabling secure operations in uneven waters.
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Beequip is de nieuwe financier van zwaar materieel (equipment) voor de bouw, infra en logistieke sector. Het MKB is de motor van de Nederlandse economie. Beequip laat Nederlandse bedrijven groeien met behulp van equipment leasing oplossingen.
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Bereik is een telecomprovider die zich inzet voor ZZP'ers en kleine ondernemers. Wij bieden je de mogelijkheid om een landelijk (085) of regionaal (010, 020 etc) telefoonnummer te registreren (of je huidige nummer naar ons te verhuizen) en deze door te schakelen naar je bestaande mobiele of vaste telefoonnummer.
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Billink is an innovative post-payment service for online retailers. With Billink each webshop can offer a risk-free and easy payment method which allows customers to receive their purchase first, while payment is only due after delivery. This creates a more secure and convenient transaction and as a result increases the average conversion rate and order value.
Biodentify was founded as a spin-out from Dutch R&D group TNO in December 2014. TNO is a 3000+ R&D organization and the largest microbiological research group in the Netherlands. Biodentify is owned and managed by 3 partners with extensive entrepreneurial experience bringing innovative new technologies to market in the Oil & Gas industry. The company has developed a novel and patented technology, predicting prospectivity before drilling, with > 70% accuracy, based on microbial DNA analysis of shallow soil or seabed samples through unique machine learning models. Biodentify was named the #58 most innovative company in 2019 by the KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce). Find out more about the technology, company and impressive accuracy results over at our website.