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Weight Perception in VR Intern



Delft, Netherlands
Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2023

 | Delft

Weight Perception in VR Intern

SenseGlove for Virtual Training

SenseGlove enables real touch in the digital world: we make the digital feeling real.

About SenseGlove

Virtual Reality has revolutionized various industries, from gaming to healthcare, and now it is making its mark on training and education.
VR training solutions offer a realistic and immersive environment that allows trainees to practice their skills, make decisions, and learn from their mistakes in a safe and controlled environment. While visual and auditory stimuli play a significant role in creating a realistic VR experience, the sense of touch cannot be overlooked.

Haptic technologies provide tactile sensations, i.e., sensory information from the mechanoreceptors of the skin, allowing users to feel and interact with virtual objects. The company Senseglove (Delft, the Netherlands) offers vibrotactile and finger force feedback during VR interactions with objects to create a rich environment for VR training. However, users face difficulties comprehending the weight of virtual objects with only visual information. While rendering the weight of virtual objects with grounded robotic devices has been shown to be reliable in numerous previous works, it remains a challenge for wearable and handheld devices, such as those developed at Senseglove.

This project aims to extend the haptic feedback solutions from Senseglove to enable more realistic training scenarios by rendering the weight of interactable VR objects with a handheld or wearable device.
We intend for the VR user to feel the weight of a virtual object through a visuo-haptic illusion with feedback focusing on the transient behavior of the interaction, i.e., simulating changes in the forces acting on the user, but not simulating the continuous weight. The novelty of VR weight simulation in a convenient form-factor and wearable manner would enhance the overall experience of VR interactions, specifically VR training.

What About the Team?

We are located within the high-tech incubator YES!Delft. We work with a growing interdisciplinary team of 25 talents, consisting of a mix of senior and junior team members with a worldwide ambition to change the way we interact with digital environments. Our corporate culture is flat and informal, but we are professionally organized. Personal responsibility is vital in the way we work. We work in interdisciplinary teams frequently, in close contact with our customers.

Job Description

This project aims to develop and evaluate a handheld or wearable prototype that simulates a grasped object’s weight in Virtual Reality (VR).

Research Questions

1. How can we effectively simulate a virtual object’s weight in VR with a handheld or wearable device?
2. (optional) How does device size affect the range of weights that can be rendered?


The project may include the following deliverables:

  • Review of relevant literature
  • Prototype of a handheld or wearable device simulating virtual object weight
  • Formal characterization of the developed prototype
  • (optional) Human factors (psychophysics) study quantifying the performance of the device
  • (optional) Usability study of the device used in a simulated training scenario




Ideally, you are a Master Student from TU-Delft

You have, are or can:

  • A solid technical background in, among other things, mechanical engineer, VR and robotics
  • Do patient and accurate work
  • Have an eye for detail, so you see the small mistakes that others often overlook
  • You work meticulously

What we offer?

  •  Bi-weekly team lunches
  • travel allowance;
  • Lots of adventure; and nice colleagues
  • Fun team building activities
  • €330 monthly compensation

What Else Is Good To Know?

At SenseGlove you can be yourself. That includes your gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age or disability status. Diversity is important to us.
And here’s a few more things about us:
Forbes: How Senseglove Could Change Virtual Reality Training Forever (
Video Future Innovation Week with SenseGlove (

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If you are interested, please send us your resume and a letter indicating your motivation regarding the job description and your experience regarding the skill set. If you have additional questions, feel free to give us a call : 015 200 2148

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Weight Perception in Virtual Reality Intern

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