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Full stack developer

Software Engineering
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Posted on Monday, June 26, 2023, a self-learning assistant, utilizes an organization's knowledge to answer employee questions effectively by integrating large language models with the company's internal knowledge. It also employs AI to continually gather new insights and update the internal knowledge base, making it a holistic knowledge management solution.

The ideal candidate

  • Solid experience as a Laravel developer, with a proven track record of successful project delivery

  • Strong understanding of English language, both written and verbal, to effectively communicate with team members and stakeholders

  • Familiarity with Vectorstores like Weaviate or experience working with NLPs or GPT prompting is much appreciated

  • Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills

  • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently and in a team environment

  • Attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality work

  • Strong communication skills in both English and Dutch

What we do

Closure has started out as a B2B tech scale-up that supports relatives after the passing of a loved one, by taking care of the cancellation and alteration of subscriptions, contracts and accounts. We now offer a range of SaaS solutions aimed at streamlining communication for enterprises and large SMEs, with a strong focus on our latest offering, This is named after our first employee, Jochem, who had a lot of knowledge about our organization to make that knowledge easily accessible for everyone in our customer care team. Recognizing this, we've introduced Jochem for ticketing, a specialized customer care application that effortlessly integrates into software like Trengo and Freshdesk, providing real-time knowledge-based suggestions for addressing customer queries. Additionally, we developed for colleagues, a privacy-safe, self-learning assistant that integrates seamlessly into various communcation platforms like Slack via a plug-in. significantly reduces knowledge update time, enhances onboarding, and decreases inquiries to senior colleagues.

Job description

We are seeking an experienced Laravel developer to join our team at was created to address an internal challenge within our company, which involves reducing the time spent on internal information retrieval and seeking support from our internal workforce. Leveraging GPT-like tools, aims to streamline these processes effectively.
In addition to Laravel expertise, basic knowledge of Vectorstores like Weaviate or prior experience with NLPs or GPT prompting would be advantageous for this role. The successful candidate will possess excellent English language skills and exceptional communication abilities, as clear and effective communication will be crucial while collaborating with cross-functional teams.


  • Develop and maintain sturdy integrations between and knowledge base software such as Confluence, Notion, and Wagtail.

  • Retrieve information from knowledge bases, monitor changes, and update modifications back to the respective knowledge bases.

  • Implement innovative natural language processing pipelines based on LLM's such as GPT.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth integration and functionality.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues related to the knowledge base integration.

  • Stay up to date with emerging technologies and tools related to Laravel development and knowledge base integration.

Employment conditions

Does your profile match? Then we offer you the following compensation and working conditions

  • The space to show who you are and what you can do. A real challenge in a vibrant environment within a fast-growing company

  • The opportunity to experience and shape's growth

  • A competitive salary

  • An interesting bonus structure based on results

  • Benefitting from's success according to an Employee Incentive Plan (comparable to a Stock Option Plan)

  • Full compensation for travel expenses incurred (we highly promote commuting by public transport)

  • 25 paid days off on a full-time basis

Application process

  1. Initial screening: The recruiter will assess your CV and motivation letter for alignment with the position's requirements. If you pass the initial screening, a 15-minute phone call will be scheduled to delve deeper into your motivation

  2. First interview: The primary goal of this interview is to evaluate your alignment with the company's values and culture. You will have in-depth interviews with both the recruiter and the CEO to discuss your motivation.

  3. Second interview + case: This interview will center around the role, including a case study you need to prepare in advance and will be with both the recruiter and the relevant manager. Following this interview, you will receive a brief introduction to the team.

  4. Lunch with the founder: The application process concludes with a lunch with the CEO.

  5. Offer: If you successfully complete all the steps, you will receive an offer to join our team!


If you think you are good match for our team, please send us the following:

  • Your resume

  • A personalised cover letter as to why you think you would be a suitable candidate for this role.

You can send your application to