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Senior Full Stack (JS) Software Engineer



Software Engineering
The Hague, Netherlands · Remote
Posted on Friday, February 16, 2024
What you’ll achieve

Your future role

As a Software Engineer, your role will be to implement new features and enhance the overall efficiency, stability, and safety of our web application — working across both back-end and front-end aspects. You will play a pivotal part in creating a seamless, robust, and secure experience for all our users. It is crucial to be product-minded and obsess about our users and their needs.

Within 1 month you will...

Onboard onto the team and get familiar with our tech stack. Access several introductory sessions on topics like our product, industry, feedback culture, and more. Get acquainted with our coding architecture, build, performance, and stability tooling. Make real contributions by launching features and fixing bugs across the codebase

Within 6 months you will...

Accustom yourself with nuances of interacting with the full tech stack and deploying updates.

Participate in infrastructure discussions about enhancing our observability to debug production issues, better monitor performance regressions, and improve our crash rate and stability metrics.

But most importantly, lead projects from idea generation to production launch.

Essential skills we'd love for you to have

At Circularise, we believe a successful candidate merges both exceptional technical ability and outstanding personal qualities. Here's what we're primarily seeking

⇒ Personal Aspects

  • User-centric mindset: Understanding and empathy towards our users, approaching projects with a user-driven, product-focused mindset.
  • Remote-friendly: The capability to work well in remote or distributed environments
  • Humility: Having the humbleness to ask for help when encountering roadblocks.
  • Teamwork & communication: Effective collaboration and communication skills, adaptable to varying team dynamics. Regular, timely updates to both technical and non-technical team members about progress and arising issues.
  • Self-driven: A proactive nature in completing tasks and overcoming obstacles.
  • Critical thinking & discernment and relevance judgement: Strong ability to analyse requirements and solutions critically, recognise when to implement less conventional approaches, and prioritise tasks effectively.

⇒ Technical Expertise

(the more you meet, the better)

  • SOLID principles: Understanding and experience in employing SOLID principles in software design and development.
  • Large codebase experience: Experience in managing, navigating, and working on large, complex codebases, advocating for clean, maintainable, and scalable code.
  • Backend development: Proficiency in Node.js and Express. Plus relational database experience.
  • Frontend development: Skilled in the Next.js framework for building user interfaces. Having experience with SASS and styled components for styling would be a valuable asset. Familiarity with Playwright/Jest for frontend testing.
  • CI/CD: Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes is advantageous. Familiarity with practices like automated testing, code reviews, and incremental updates deployment.
  • Docker: Experienced in containerisation of applications using Docker. This includes creating Dockerfiles, managing Docker images, and orchestrating containers with Docker Compose or similar tools.
  • API development: Proficient in developing and consuming RESTful APIs.
  • Testing: Experience with testing, and possibly test-driven development (TDD). Knowledge of testing libraries and tools relevant to your tech stack is advantageous.

Why choose us?
  • Circularise has an open, informal and growth-oriented culture. A place where you get a lot of freedom and responsibility right away and your opinion counts from day one. You get to work with an amazing group of people. We offer you an environment in which you can grow and your impact will be of great value.
  • Salary: depending on experience the salary range for this role is between €70,000 and €85,000
  • Flexibility: This is a hybrid or remote position with flexible hours alongside an amazing diverse team.
  • Travel allowance for your commute.
  • 25 paid vacation days (+7 official Dutch holidays) - if living in the Netherlands
  • Help shape a fast-growing scale-up into becoming the next Tech For Good unicorn.
  • Be part of a new industry standard
  • A place to work where your input, creativity and personality is celebrated;
  • All the tools you need to be a high performer including state of the art MacBook to work your magic;
  • We're a hybrid company, but our HQ is located in The Hague (in case you miss your colleagues)
  • Equity: In addition to the salary you will get to own a piece of Circularise as we also provide a generous equity package.
  • Cultural diversity: An international environment with a diverse team of over 20 nationalities. Our development team, comprising multiple nationalities, operates across various European time zones, thereby fostering a rich, multicultural work environment
  • Pension contribution: Circularise contributes 5% on top of your annual gross salary to your pension.
  • YourCampus benefits: When you join us, you will get access to a monthly budget which you can spend in our flexible benefits app, powered by YourCampus.
  • Learning and development budget: Each employer is allocated a budget of €1000 to upskill themselves through programs of their choice.
Our Approach to Equal Opportunity Hiring

Our recruitment process

We break our hiring process into the following stages:

  1. Initial Introductory Call (15 minutes)
  2. A take-home assessments phase 1: preparation from home
  3. A take-home assessments phase 2: 2-hour live-coding session
  4. Optionally we introduce a fourth and final interview